Show Information

Our Young Koi Show will be hosted by Yume Koi and Gardens and sponsored by Sea Side Aquatics, LLC Premium Koi Food

The koi size competition will be up to 20″ and will be categorized into 4 sizes.

Size 1 will be under under 8″

Size 2 will be 8-12″

Size 3 will be 12-16″

Size 4 will be 16-20″

Best in Size 1 and Best in Size 2 will be competing for Baby Champion

Best in Size 3 and Best in Size 4 will be competing for Grand Champion and Runner-up Champion

All others will be pick for Best in Size 1-4

 We will try our best to notify all parties if there is any changes, however Yume Koi and Gardens reserved the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions at anytimes.